Movie Review: Prisoners

One of the better movies I have seen this year. A movie about the dilemma of choice. About how far would you go, About what an individual is capable of doing for love and family.

Hugh Jackman gives a very stirring performance as a parent who would do anything to find his missing child. When law enforcement runs into a brick wall Hugh takes the law in his hands. The choices he makes are disturbing but understandable. Every parents nightmare. How far would you go to find your missing child.

I thought the movie was a little to transparent in the “movie clues” that were planted. And it took a little too long for them to be figured out.

Movie ends with a very open ended scene. Not good for the general movie going public. A lot of pissed of people walked out of this movie. I thought it was a nice touch for the movie. Begins with the dilemma of choice and ends the same way. From a different point of view.

3 1/4 stars out of 4.


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