Movie Review: Gravity

After seeing over a thousand movies in the last 12  years this is going to be a first for me. A 4 star review.

I keep trying to think of things that didn’t work for me but I could not think of anything. At two points in the movie I harkened back to the time I saw 2001 A Space Odyssey. Breath taking and mesmerizing at the same time. Alfonso Cuaron has created a modern day masterpiece.

A very simple story about the human will to survive with special effects that have gravitas ( no pun intended). I have no idea how most of the effects were achieved. This movie sets a new standard for space movies.

Don’t delay. SEE THIS MOVIE!

4 star out of 4


3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Gravity

  1. A 4 star review from Doug…I thought I felt a slight disturbance in The Force. We’ll at 4 stars Gravity goes from “wanna” to “gotta” see status.

  2. Briliant film. Ok, I’m not a fan of 3D (I’m waiting for it to go away again) but Cuaron elevates what has become a cheap parlor trick and literally injects you into the film with his use of 3D and increadible cgi effects. And such strong performances…I’m not hearing enough praise for Sandra Bullock. Every bit of a 4 star performance in a 4 star film.

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