Movie Review: Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks delivers another Oscar worthy performance.

Taunt and tense. Cat and mouse.  This describes the way the movie plays out. If this is the way it really happened: WOW.

The story of normal people put in a hopeless situation and  how keeping your cool against impossible odds will help you survive.

In the last 5 minutes Tom Hanks delivers an emotional roller coaster ride  that will leave you breathless.

3  3/4 stars out of 4


Movie Review: In A World…

This is Lake Bells feature length directorial debut. She also wrote the movie. Not bad for a first time effort.

In the male dominated world of voice overs she is trying to make a name for herself.

Family, friend and work relationships complicate her life. Too much on the family stuff and not enough of the work stuff for me.

Interesting and enjoyable movie. She has a future as a director.

2 1/2 stars out of 4

Movie Review: Machete Kills

In a movie like Machete Kills you would expect blood, guts, lots of explosions and boobs. Sadly they forgot the boobs this time. Everything else is there.

But the movie had a fatal downfall: it was a virtual setup for the next movie. I found this very distracting.

Should have been non stop mayhem and to hell with story. Not up to par with the first movie. And I think a big disappointment with the fans. The movie is drying at the box office.

And did I say no boobs. What a waste.

1 1/2 stars out of 4