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Doug Adams

Our hero, The Movie Mooch, is a media maven. In his secret identity he’s Doug Adams, mild-mannered proprietor of Comic Book World, Louisville’s best comic book and gaming store.

Doug’s love of movies began during his childhood. He watched cool monster movies like “20 Million Miles to Earth” at his local community center. Later, stationed in Thailand during the Vietnam war in the 1970’s, he spent his free time keeping up with all the movies he could get in to see–numbering in the hundreds!

Today, he makes a weekly sojourn to a local movie palace to see the latest film releases and consume popcorn. He is also a voracious reader of novels and a lifelong collector of comics (he’s a Marvel guy). He consumes vast quantities of television as well.

Yes, Doug is frequently asked if he is THE Doug Adams, of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fame.

He always answers “yes.”


One thought on “About Doug

  1. Doug,

    Loved the picture of you with the “Shazam”esque background. Read your reviews. Pithy, to the point, and . . . interestingly enough, given the ones we’ve both seen, I agree with your assessments. (The English teacher in me says that it’s “Lauda,” not Lauder; darn those Germans).

    So far: “Lee Daniels The Butler” best pic nominee; Oprah and Forrest, actress and actor nominee;
    “Rush” best director nomination for Howard; given the lengthy “best pic” list now, maybe;
    “Gravity” best pic nomination; best director nomination; sure bet special effects winner; best actress nomination for Sandra.

    Hope to see “Captain Phillips” this weekend.

    “Comic Book World” . . . um, never heard of it . . . .

    Allen Schuler

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